To purchase the 1999 Broadway Revival Cast Recording of ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, click on the image above.

Playbill is reporting that a production of the classic Irving Berlin, Herbert Fields and Dorothy Fields musical Annie Get Your Gun starring Jane Horrocks and Julian Ovenden will opening at the Young Vic in October.

Besides the casting details and a brief history of the show, there’s not much more information. Particularly, I’d like to know what version of the show is being presented and whether we’ll have Tommy and Winnie’s songs and other such things.

That said, I love Jane Horrocks. I’d go along and see it if I was in London.

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3 Responses to NEWSFLASH: ANNIE GET YOUR GUN at the Young Vic

  1. Paleonar87 says:

    I saw this show on Monday night. They have trimmed the book a little bit. There are no Winnie/Tommy characters, but Dolly/Charlie sing one of their songs, “I’ll Share It All With You”. They also cut the “Indian” song. Annie does not have brothers/sisters with her, but they use one child as her “business partner.” It is staged in a very small and intimate space with a smallish cast and 4 pianos instead of an orchestra. Jane Horrocks has more of a jazz style than belting so many of her numbers are transposed lower; in addition, there is virtually no choreography. Julian Ovenden as Frank Butler is absolutely tremendous though; a real standout. It is an interesting, modernized interpretation which seems to take place in the 1930s and uses Forrest Gump-like movies showing Annie getting medals from folks like Churchill and Hitler. Overall, very enjoyable but very different from big scale productions you may have seen in the past.

  2. David Fick says:

    It all sounds a bit underwhelming and more than a little bizarre to me. I hate the idea of the Churchill and Hitler clips. That’s anachronistic and done for the shock value, I guess. Cutting the Tommy and Winnie songs happens a lot, but I’ve never heard of reallocating the song to Dolly and Charlie and the Indian number was cut in the most recent Broadway revival, so perhaps that’s expected.

    Annie Get Your Gun is fast becoming one of those shows that seems not to have a definitive version, but in this case it seems as if none really works better than the others. I guess the one that got it mostly right was the 1967 Lincoln Center version – although I miss “Who Do You Love, I Hope” there.

  3. Olivia Law says:

    I saw this yesterday evening, and I wasn’t planning on being ‘wowed’ or anything, but seriously, this show is brilliant! It is hilarious, has a story, and songs which everyone can sing along to. Jane Horrocks was incredible, and everyone in the cast really excelled. The ensemble was awsome, and I also really enjoyed watching 10 year old Jessica Something as Jessie. I’m so bummed this show is closing, and I’m looking to find a youth theatre production of it which I can join soon.


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