The Phantom of the Opera

Scripts and Scores

1. The Phantom of the Opera Libretto

To purchase the THE COMPLETE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, which includes the complete libretto of the show, click on the image above.

The complete libretto of The Phantom of the Opera is published in a fascinating book called The Complete Phantom of the Opera.

Along with the libretto, the book includes essays on the historical period in which the show is set, on the original novel and on the development of the show. Many photographs illustrate each of these sections of the book, making for a satisfying book that one can dip into as one pleases.

No matter your opinion of the show itself, this is a superb book to have in one’s musical theatre collection.

2. The Phantom of the Opera Vocal Selections

To purchase the Vocal Selections of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, click on the image above.

Although a complete vocal score of the show is not available for purchase, a set of vocal selections arranged for piano has been published. The 9 songs included are: “All I Ask of You”, “Angel of Music”, “Masquerade”, “The Music of the Night”, “The Phantom of the Opera”, “The Point of No Return”, “Prima Donna”, “Think of Me” and “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”.

The book is illustrated with photographs from the show and is great for someone who would like to learn songs from the show for their repertoire or just for something who likes to play showtunes on the piano for leisure.

What are your thoughts?

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