The Musicals.Net Saga

Musicals.Net was a site that was once an hospitable place in which the discussion of musicals was encouraged and the entire board was used the way in which it was intended to be used. The integrity of that site has over the years been compromised by the practices of the groups of moderators who are “in office” at this point in time, April 2012. The purpose of these pages is to expose the truth in a forum that cannot be censored or edited by these moderators, the core of which is represented by Set_Buildin_Dad, Mumsytype and Aimee.

Table of Contents

1. Musicals Dot Net Farm: a Parable
2. Notes on the Key Players
3. Evidence of Poor Moderation Around the Site

These pages will be built up as time permits.

I was banned from Musicals.Net for raising these concerns regarding the moderators. My ultimate hope is that somehow, the site can once again be restored to a place that is moderated fairly, honestly and with the integrity that its members deserve.

What are your thoughts?

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