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Musical Theatre Sunday School: In Pandora’s Box, There Was Also Hope…

The telling of diverse stories is, of course, not only a challenge for Americans, but also one that faces us all. So, if you’re the kind of person who’d like to share your story with us, what do you do to encourage diversity in the arts in your community? Maybe your groundbreaking work will inspire us all. Continue reading

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The Saturday List: 10 Reprehensible Responses to the NYGASP “MIKADO” Fiasco

My Saturday List would normally consist of a light-hearted collection of observations about musical theatre, but after reading some of the reprehensible responses to the fiasco surrounding the The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players’ cancelled production of THE MIKADO, I felt that I had to address these in some way. Continue reading

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Forgotten Musicals Friday: THE MIKADO

All right. It’s hardly forgotten – and, strictly speaking, it’s not a musical either. But THE MIKADO has been placed under the spotlight once again this week, so I thought I would feature W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan’s classic comic opera in this column to reflect upon some of the issues raised in the controversy around the The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players’ planned production of the piece, which was announced as having been cancelled earlier today. Continue reading

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